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Hack of the Week: Improving Fluid Mechanics Learning

If you teach fluid mechanics, check out the unit Andy Gerhart‘s developed at Lawrence Tech to help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset along with mastering the engineering content. The school is one of the KEEN campuses and Andy recently did a webinar with KEEN – watch it and get the materials here.

Do you have a Hack to share? Email us. Each Hack of the Week is a bite-sized, practical tip or resource for improving engineering education.

What is Engineering Education Transformation, Anyhow?

It’s confusing to talk about transforming engineering education. There are a lot of campuses doing quite interesting things, but the “flavors” of those activities vary quite a bit. I’ve made an attempt to describe that amazing variety visually below:

Hacking Spheres

It’s not a list of different flavors, as you can see – the overall theme is some sort of active learning in which students take on “real” projects, either in a simulated way or by actually getting out into the field, to better prepare them for the work world and solving big challenges after they finish their education.

Beyond that, there are many different emphases – innovation, entrepreneurial mindset, start-up or social entrepreneurship, global ventures , leadership – what have I missed? These emphases not only overlap with the bigger theme, they overlap with one another (and in reality, there’s a lot more overlap than is displayed here; the two-dimensional world of the blog doesn’t work too well to illustrate this point). Another theme that doesn’t really appear in the graphic is the growing interest in interdisciplinary courses or programming, in all of these different areas.

Because of all of those overlaps, we’ve decided to take the broad view at Hacking Engineering – all of these efforts can learn from and inform one another. We’ll be doing more work in coming weeks and months to build opportunities for that kind of interaction – in the meantime, if you’re involved in any or all of these kinds of change initiatives, join us.