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Hack of the Week: Helping Students Diverge

In their thinking, that is: this week’s Hack is from Daniel Raviv of Florida Atlantic University, who’s got lots more ideas in a set of books (links below). Here’s an easy exercise to help students build their ideation abilities:

Show the students a coat hanger, and have them individually list different uses for it. They can think creatively about the item: use any material, size or shape of a hanger; they may imagine cutting it, shrinking it, using many of them, etc. Students then share their ideas, and depending on the time constraints, pick a suitable idea to implement.

More ideas from Daniel:

8 Simple Ways to Outsmart a Mosquito: A Hands-On Guide to Learning the 8 Keys to Innovation
Everyone Loves Speed Bumps, Don’t You? A Guide to Innovative Thinking
Partly Funny with a Chance of Brainstorms: A Guide to Divergent Thinking

Hacks of the Week are easily-implementable ideas – share yours now.